Brown Coat and Messy Hair

This Sarah wears a brown coat with a cream colored fleece-lined hood. Her long brown hair is messily pulled away from her face by bobby pins. She puts on chap-stick as she trots downstairs toward the front door. She sticks her feet into her brown boots. Then she grabs her keys from her pocket and opens the front door. Pouring, pouring rain and a dark sky.

This Sarah jumps into the old black Honda civic and fiddles with the radio. She listens to Enrique Iglesias on her way to the Ramen place. She jumps out of her car to hug her friend for the first time in a year. Then she reunites with the others who she has not seen in even longer – years. Hugs, hugs all around.

This Sarah realizes two hours have flown by. She is overwhelmingly happy she has reconnected with her friends after slacking and not keeping in touch. She comes home tired and watches TV. Then she goes upstairs and collects her thoughts. Swirling, swirling thoughts and tired eyes.

This Sarah misses having good friends. Puts her energy into people who don’t return it. Why didn’t you think about me? She wants to be around people who care about me as much as she cares about them and it does not feel that way. I feel forgotten about. She doesn’t reach out to others. Will wait for someone else to do that. And then ignore them. Because I get ignored so I will do the same back.


This Sarah puts on her new liquid eyeliner and some old lipstick over her makeup leftover from the day. She takes off her coat. Then she showers and brushes her hair.




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